You can choose to create a happier more fulfilling life for yourself. ...We can show you how!

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At Kaizen Inspired Life we teach the language of the subconscious to open minded, kind hearted, curious individuals who are ready to live happier, authentically successful lives filled with passion, purpose and inner peace.

Through creative exercises and Kaizen techniques, our clients and students experience a powerful shift that allows them to tap into the depths of their creative resources while moving beyond limitations and producing lasting change.

You are in the right place if you are ready to:

  •      Enrich your life with increased HAPPINESS, AUTHENTIC SUCCESS and INNER PEACE
  •      Let go of  OUTDATED BELIEFS and other negative subconscious blocks and programming
  •      Release yourself from ADDICTIONS, RUTS and ROUTINES that have not been helping you to succeed
  •      Rise above STIGMA
  •      Increase feelings of CONFIDENCE, SELF WORTH, and improve SELF ESTEEM
  •      CREATE your life CONSCIOUSLY rather than merely going through the motions in a state of existing
  •      CONNECT with like-minded individuals
  •      LEARN powerful skills and techniques that you can use in a personal sense and/or share professionally


Some of the powerful techniques that we share include:

  •      The HAPPINESS (R)EVOLUTION 10 essential elements to creating happiness, authentic success and lasting inner peace.
  •      The E.V.O.L.V.E. method of advanced creative life coaching
  •      Kaizen Creative NLP
  •      Laughter Wellness Therapy
  •      Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping)
  •      Modern day, modified, personalized meditation techniques

Team this up with our wonderful group of compassionate, creative, talented, caring instructors and the supportive, positive connection of like-minded individuals who take part in our groups and classes and you have here one incredibly powerful, life changing opportunity.


What are you waiting for?   Membership is free!

Click here to receive the HAPPINESS (R)EVOLUTION Starter Kit including:




WORKING-TOGETHER-FOR-THE-GOOD-OF-ALLMany around the world are in desperate need of the compassionate, creative services that Kaizen Inspired Life provides.

However, without the aid of donations from individuals and businesses we could not continue to provide this charitable, life changing work.

Working together for the good of the whole…  Your help is greatly appreciated.

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HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS... PASS IT ON! Simple, enjoyable solutions to help you tap into your creative resources, harness the power of the mind and experience greater happiness, authentic success and inner peace in your life... instantly!


Learn how to create true happiness with the happiness umbrella

How would you like to learn how to create true happiness in an simple, natural way?   How would you like to do so on a daily basis?   Wait… Before you answer the questions above we need to take


Using symbols to tap into true happiness and creativity

How does this image make you FEEL?   Everything that we see, touch, hear, taste, smell and sense in any way has an effect on us in that it triggers a particular response from the connection with our subconscious programming.

great attitude

Great + Attitude = Gratitude

For me the words HAPPINESS and GRATITUDE are interchangeable. How about you? By focusing on the FEELING of GRATITUDE our attitude naturally begins to shift our experiences in a naturally creative way.   The process may be simple, but with continued

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