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Kaizen Inspired Life Creative Menu Exercise

When the skies in our lives are dark and grey, it can often be difficult to remember what has helped us in the past to feel happy. It’s not that we don’t want to remember. We certainly do not choose to be UNhappy.

The truth is this… in our state of discomfort, stress, or distress, the Amygdala (the fear center in the brain) has been triggered to some degree. The effect of this triggering results in a disconnection with our ability to think and see things clearly. Conscious choice, positive memories, and creativity are diminished. We feel that we are caught in a dark cloud which makes us want to FIGHT BACK, RUN AWAY or FREEZE in a state of overwhelm.

This happens to everyone at some point in time… to many, it happens on a daily basis. Even though this experience feels terrible, it need not stay this way. There are ways to disarm the Amygdala, to release ourselves from the negative effect and reconnect with JOY, CREATIVITY and INNER PEACE.

One of these ways is to take the pressure off by planning ahead for these experiences and creating a contingency plan that we can use when the Amygdala has been triggered. By keeping a list of our “FEEL GOOD” activities, we provide ourselves with a way to remember what helps us to relax. When we relax (even a tiny bit), we are better able to let go of resistance. As a result, we can once again connect with, remember and CHOOSE HAPPINESS… even on these grey days.
This technique puts us back in the driver’s seat of our lives… allowing us to once again BE the conscious CREATIVE beings that we ARE in reality!

This photo is a menu of some of my feel-good activities.
When I am too tired to “cook up” happiness from scratch, I simply choose from my HAPPINESS MENU and order up just the thing that will satisfy my hunger for joy and inner peace.

How about YOU… what are some of the activities that help you to relax and bring a smile to your face?

There are MANY more of these simple creative exercises in the HAPPINESS (R)EVOLUTION books… DOZENS of ways to help you to tap into greater amounts of true happiness, authentic success and inner peace, no matter what is happening in your life externally.
You can find these treasure chests of joy by clicking on the following link:


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