Imagine a world where people understood what it really meant to be happy.   A world where people knew that they could not achieve happiness at the expense of another or through material means.   Imagine how much compassion would result in such a state.  Imagine how much sharing would take place.   Imagine how beautiful life could be if you could feel happiness even a little more than before… on a daily basis.   Imagine that you could share this feeling with others as well.

You can


One of the easiest ways to experience more happiness in our lives is to give, to share and to care about another’s needs.

Right now you have the opportunity to share through our crowd funding campaign for our new project coming up in January 2015…


Every dollar that you donate will make it possible for us to serve more people who really need our services and in the process YOU TOO WILL RECEIVE!

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At Kaizen Inspired Life, we believe in GOOD KARMA!

…and we love to reward those who help us to share the keys to true happiness with everybody!