Happiness is an inside job…

Independent of all external situations and things.


It is a state of being that we can choose to tap into from moment to moment, no matter what is happening.

Is it necessary to FEEL HAPPINESS on a continual basis in order to be a happy person?

That would be great, wouldn’t it?  …or would it?

Without the contrast that the rain provides, wouldn’t we lose a certain depth of appreciation  for our sunny days?

Emoticon holding an umbrella

Thankfully it doesn’t need to take a whole LOT of rain to help us remember how wonderful the sun feels.

And now… it is possible to limit the amount of down time as well in order to experience even greater depths of true happiness on a more constant basis.

Coming January 2015 the HAPPINESS (R)EVOLUTION will be officially opening its doors to some wonderful experience and happier days for all!

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