Do you want to find true happiness, overcome self sabotage, reduce stigma while increasing your self confidence and feelings of self worth?  Are you ready to experience a greater depth of quality, passion and purpose in your life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above…


You have definitely come to the right place!


Kaizen Inspired Life is a Federally registered Non-Profit society whose sole mission is to increase the overall well being and quality of life for people of all ages.

It’s much easier than you might think. 

We can show you how…

At Kaizen Inspired Life our mission is to provide you with the inspiration, training and support it takes to help you overcome life’s challenges and break free from self sabotaging habits and routines.   Through connection, compassion and creative techniques, we know that you can easily create a happier life for yourself… one filled with passion, purpose and lasting inner peace.






By providing ongoing education and inspiration through presentations,  classes, workshops, and outreach services… awareness, inner peace, creativity, resilience and compassion for both self and others is increased exponentially while helping people to tap in deeply to their own innate creative resources


At Kaizen Inspired life we know that you were not put on this earth to suffer, but rather you are meant to live life richly and fulfill your dreams.

We also know that in order to do this, you must first overcome a few things that are standing in your way, such as unconsciously existing in a limited, reactionary state based on old subconscious programming.
We can help you to do this in an easy, effective and creative way!
Through our programs you can to experience wonderful change in the following areas:

OVERCOMING-SELF-SABOTAGE Due to past subconscious beliefs, and addictive programming

  • We provide tools and education aimed to raise awareness of self sabotage in general as well as successfully identifying how it plays a role in the individuals life in various ways
  • Assist in raising confidence through authentic empowerment, tapping into past successes and encouraging self compassion and self worth
  • Provide techniques that effectively increase choice and success in eliminating or minimizing self sabotaging behaviors and effects

REDUCING-STIGMARegarding emotional, mental and physical health issues along with ALL of life’s other challenges involving family, health, finances… you name it.

Everyone has challenges in some way.

It’s what we do with those challenges that matters most!

  • We provide a support system rich in resources along with an opportunity to authentically connect with others in a mutually respectful, helpful, creative way
  • We provide techniques that increase self esteem, confidence and awareness
  • Empowering the individual through the use of creative techniques in all aspects of life
  • Reframing, re-educating and releasing outdated views regarding ALL of life’s challenges



new day

With the aid of powerful, effective tools, techniques and support, you can  discover a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and value in all aspects of life

  • One of our goals is to reframe the word CREATIVITY for all in a way that moves beyond the expression of art in a way that brings greater choice to all aspects of life.
  • Emphasis is placed on joy in the process
  • Focus placed on increasing compassion (for self and others,) true connection, respect and empathy for all life


WORKING-TOGETHER-FOR-THE-GOOD-OF-ALLMany around the world are in desperate need of the compassionate, creative services that Kaizen Inspired Life provides.

However, without the aid of donations from individuals and businesses we could not continue to provide this charitable, life changing work.

Working together for the good of the whole…  Your help is greatly appreciated.