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How would you like to learn how to create true happiness in an simple, natural way?


How would you like to do so on a daily basis?


Wait… Before you answer the questions above we need to take a closer look at what happiness REALLY means!

HAPPINESS can mean many different things to many different people.

It can even mean many different things to the same person at different moments in time.


Who doesn’t want to learn how to create happiness at will?  Thankfully, with a little exploration, awareness and experimentation everyone can do it regardless of what is happening in life externally!   By identifying the particular WORDS that act as SYMBOLS for the ESSENCE or FEELING of HAPPINESS that resonates with you most clearly you can tap into this particular feeling with far greater ease.

As with most things… awareness is the key!

So how do we raise awareness? …by digging a little deeper of course. Questions can be very helpful in this case.

Here’s a few for you now:

When you have felt the happiest in your life, the most engaged and connected with life in a positive, proactive, creative way… how did you feel?

Remember… there can be MANY different answers to this question. Keeping a running list can be helpful in this creative exploration exercise.

Did you feel best when you were relaxed?
Did playfulness fill your heart with sunshine?
Did curiosity, adventure and wonderment the bring a smile to your heart?
Was gratitude and appreciation the ticket to your good feelings?
What other feelings have brought a smile to your face?

Whatever helps you to connect with the FEELING you desire – the warmth, clarity, love, freedom, gratitude, freshness, fluidity, inner peace, authentic success, balance, comfort, joy, bliss, contentment aka happiness – is exactly what you need to focus on in the moment. Of course this desired feeling can change from moment to moment. Keeping a list of your FEEL GOOD SYMBOLS and WORDS nearby can be helpful in those moments when you need a little more sunshine in your day.

Just as one size does not fit all… the same can be said of true happiness. Staying open to what FEELS RIGHT to you is the first step in finding it within.



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